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Contact lens wearer would tell you that a hectic schedule almost always results in forgetting to take off the contact lenses at night - this may not have any immediate effects on the eyes; however, if made into a habit, this can cause some serious eye problems - from irritation in the eyes to blinding infections - the threats are very real indeed.

Manufacturers have various solutions available. In this article we will look at some of the best including Air Optix Aqua, Biofinity, Acuvue Advantage and Purevision.Recently the contact lens industry has been revolutionised thanks to the arrival of silicon hydrogel.

This innovative material increases the amount of oxygen getting to the eye to virtually natural levels. It is more we than similar options meaning there is less irritation and reduced risk of infection. One of the first players in this market was Acuvue with a range of high performance products that set the standard. However a number of arrivals mean there is now more choice in this market than ever before.

Among these is Air Optix Aqua. It promises the enticing prospect of wearing contacts round the clock for an extended period of time. No longer do you have to worry about the prospect of drifting off to sleep without taking your contacts out.Alternatively you could look to Bausch & Lomb, whose Purevision product has won rave reviews.
The result is a hundred percent clean vision at all times coupled with a dramatic decrease in overall eye dehydration, irritation and general discomfort. Almost all users have given positive and enthusiastic feedback about these lenses - a clear, natural and unhindered vision that requires minimal maintenance (if any).

However, every contact lens wearer looks for safety, comfort, affordability, ease of use and plenty of options to choose from. Those who suffer from astigmatism or presbyopia can now opt to do away with their spectacles thanks to this marvellous technology. Whichever options you take: Biofinity, Air Optix Aqua, Purevision or anything else, one thing is true. More of us can choose contacts than ever before
Tuesday, April 17, 2007
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Thursday, October 06, 2005
(I-Newswire) - The biggest breakthrough in technology for the toric category in 15 years – ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ Brand Contact Lenses for ASTIGMATISM – were launched by VISTAKON®, a division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. An innovation in vision care, the new lenses provide astigmatic patients with excellent visual acuity and exceptional, long-lasting comfort; make fittings much faster and easier; and are the first toric lenses to feature HYDRACLEAR™. HYDRACLEAR™ is our brand name for our proprietary technology that brings together a remarkable moisture rich wetting agent with high performance base materials to form clear, wettable lenses resulting in a unique, silky, soft feel.

Before, the only options were traditional dual thin zone and prism-ballast designs. Now, ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ for ASTIGMATISM features a new proprietary technology, which establishes a new level of stability. Unlike other toric lens designs that compete with the eyelids' movements, our Accelerated Stabilization Design ( ASD ) harnesses the power of the blink to quickly orient and stabilize the lens in less than 60 seconds.

The four active zones and accelerated slope of thickness of the Accelerated Stabilization Design ( ASD ) work with the eyelids to balance the lens in place when the eye is open and quickly re-align the lens if it rotates out of position. Our proprietary Accelerated Stabilization Design provides your patients with crisp, stable, all-day vision and provides doctors with a fast, stable fit.

When ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ for ASTIGMATISM lenses are in place, every blink is a smooth, natural interaction with the lens that maintains continuous stability throughout the day. This enhanced stabilization is the key to increased visual acuity during all activities.

The new design also makes the fitting process for astigmatic patients easier by reducing chair time. Because ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ for ASTIGMATISM was designed specifically to use the eyelid to stabilize the lens – allowing the lens to settle into place within one minute and prevent rotation – Eye Care Professionals ( ECPs ) can go from "zero to fitting in 60 seconds." This accelerated fitting is a marked advantage for ECPs over the traditional toric lens fitting process, which required waiting up to 15 minutes for the lens to settle before assessing its fit.

"Eye Care Professionals – as well as astigmatic patients – accustomed to tedious and uncomfortable lens fittings will be pleased by how quickly and predictably these new lenses can be fitted," said Pat Cummings, vice president of Professional Affairs, VISTAKON®. "Patient satisfaction is a priority for Eye Care Professionals and is key for successful business growth, and patients will be delighted by the crisp, clear vision and long-lasting comfort delivered by ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ for ASTIGMATISM.

We are confident that the introduction of this new lens design will provide opportunities for Eye Care Professionals to be heroes to their astigmatic patients and grow their business with the previously challenging astigmatic market."

In a recent study1, patients rated the performance of current soft toric lenses consistently lower than their expectations of contact lenses. Only 58 percent rated overall satisfaction as excellent or very good; 45 percent said they experienced blurred vision and 77 percent reported fluctuating vision. Only 68 percent described overall comfort as excellent or very good. Now, current toric lens wearers, new patients and dropouts will all welcome ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ for ASTIGMATISM, which brings to astigmatic patients enhanced vision correction and all-day comfort.

ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ with HYDRACLEAR™ is indicated for daily wear vision correction. Eye problems, including corneal ulcers, can develop. Some wearers may experience mild irritation, itching or discomfort. Lenses should not be prescribed if patients have any eye infection, or experience eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes, redness or other eye problems.

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